Month: April 2020

Deeply BeLoved

What if this time of social distancing and staying at home is an opportunity, like the time during the winter that bulbs are working on putting down roots?  An opportunity to grow deeper roots in Jesus, to grow in our faith, and to grow in love.

Seeing For Yourself

Mary, the disciples, and Thomas each see Jesus for themselves. How are you seeing for yourself?


May each new day remind us again that Jesus is our hope.

Good Friday

This online adaptation of a tennebrae service helps us remember the events of this important day.

Maundy Thursday

Before the COVID-19 virus became a pandemic, we had planned to celebrate Maundy Thursday with an ecumenical worship service led by the pastors of United Presbyterian Church, Sterling, Kansas, Sterling First United Methodist Church and Sterling Assembly of God. Now, instead, we created this video. We hope this time of worship will be a blessing to you wherever you are!