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Sterling College Sunday

We were so excited and blessed to have the Sterling College Choirs singing in our worship service last Sunday (September 23, 2018), as we gave thanks to God for the gift of higher education, for Sterling College, and for the gift of beautiful music! The choir and Highland Singers are directed by Marisa Callan. The ...

How is Jesus Making a Difference in Our Lives? – Week #4: Holy Spirit

Our question we’re asking each week in this series is, “How is Jesus making a difference in my life?” This week I have a very simple, straightforward answer. How?  By faith.

What Is Our Wellspring?

Read Psalm 1 and John 4:10-15 here. Listen: This Sunday’s word of the day is wellspring.  What is a wellspring?  A wellspring is a bountiful source of something.  We have a wellspring in our house.  It’s continually full of rich, brown, hot liquid that warms me up in the morning and makes me feel loved.  ...

Wellspring Woods Debut

On Aug. 19 we celebrated the beginning of another Sunday school year and the opening of the new children’s area, Wellspring Woods!

Wellspring Woods – Under Construction

We are working hard to have our new Wellspring Woods children's department ready for our Sunday school kick-off on August 19.  Here is some of what we're working on: