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Hometown Boy Stirs Up Trouble

Last week we learned about defenestration (read more in last week's sermon or in this article) and this week we see what might have been the precursor to that practice. In what ways and for what reasons would we like to throw Jesus' teachings off the cliff instead of embracing them?

Prayer #3 – All for One and One for All

In several of his letters, the Apostle Paul describes us as all parts of the same body. This idea of interconnectedness helps us see why our prayers for one another matter.

Why Pray? #2 – What do we hope for?

What are your expectations when you pray? Our scriptures show us that God can and does do great things. What are you hoping for?

Why Pray?

Why do we pray? There are lots of reasons, and one very important fundamental reason - God's love.

Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine the possibilities of following a star. Imagine the possibilities of following Jesus.

Why Christmas?

What does this event from more than 2000 years ago mean in our lives today?

Mary the Magnifier

Mary's powerful words show us the power of God's love to turn the world upside down.