Category: Sermons

The Legend of Blind Bart

Let’s ask Jesus to help us see – see how much he loves us, see him leading and guiding us, see people we might not be seeing, see people’s value despite how they seem on the outside, see how we can be legends.

Vive la Difference!

The disciples James & John ask for seats of honor in Jesus' kingdom. Jesus doesn't get mad at them for asking. He says, "Be different. Don't seek power, seek to serve."

The Anti Matter

Jesus' loving response to the man who asks, "What must I do to inherit eternal life?" is to tell him that there is one thing the man hasn't yet done. If you were the man, what would be your one thing that you need to let go?

Always and In All Ways

On World Communion Sunday, we considered and celebrated the ways that make for peace.

Uncontainable God

Where, when, and how are you experiencing God? What if church is the place that encourages you to go out and experience God in your everyday life?