Choosing Life Over Death [April 15, 2018]

We know that everybody dies, but some people live dead lives.  That’s what Moses wanted to stop them from doing.  So he says, “choose life.”  Say yes to Jesus.  Even when it’s challenging and scary.

Rev. Melissa Krabbe | Pastor

In her own words, Rev. Melissa fills a lot of roles. Pastor. Wife. Mother. Sister. Grandmother. Writer. Musician. Friend. Punster. Goofball.

Palm Sunday [March 25, 2018]

Why does anybody have to die? Because, according to the story in the book of Genesis, in the beginning, Adam and Eve sinned, and God said if they were going to behave like that, he certainly didn’t want them hanging around forever.

Karen Thorpe | Admin. Assistant

    Contact Information Phone: (620) 278-3217 Email: As Administrative Assistant, Karen assembles the weekly newsletter and bulletin, communicates community prayer requests with the church, and much more.