Head Usher Checklist

  1. Arrive at least 15 minutes before the service.
  2. Make sure all sanctuary lights are turned on.
    1. Light switches in back, both sides of front, and in the side rooms up front.
  3. Make sure bulletins are handed out.
  4. Ask 3-4 people to collect the offering.
    1. Three people if you are including yourself, four if not
    2. Have two of them bring it forward after it’s collected and put it on the communion table.
      1. On communion Sunday, put it on the front wall.
  5. Ask 2 youth or older children to light the candles.
    1. Help them light the candlelighter (pole with bell snuffer)
  6. Watch for special needs, people needing help, etc.
  7. Count how many people are present.
    1. Include all those in the balcony and the nursery
    2. Write the number here: ___________________________
  8. Turn out all lights after everyone is out of the sanctuary.
    1. If people are lingering longer than you can stay, ask the pastor to turn them out.

Thank you so much for helping our worship run smoothly!

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