Deacons Benevolence Fund

The Deacons Benevolence Fund was originally established years ago as the Good Samaritan Fund.  It was intended to be used to help those in our church who need financial assistance.  Since the Sterling Ministerial Alliance also has a fund called the Good Samaritan Fund for helping people who live in Sterling, we decided to eliminate any confusion and rename our fund.

The Deacons Benevolence Fund is fed by designated contributions in our church offerings.  (You can donate to it online here.) Our church treasurer administers it, but disbursements are at the discretion of the deacons, since they are the ones who have the job of caring for our church people.

If you attend United Presbyterian Church and have a need or know of one, please let one of the deacons know.

As of January 2019, our deacons are:

  • Jenny Dyson, moderator
  • Tami Hosman, vice moderator
  • Margaret Calderwood, secretary
  • Kim Richter, treasurer
  • Kay Axtell
  • Carol Bingle
  • Amy Brownlee
  • Megan Giorgetti


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