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Drop Everything!

The call to follow Jesus can happen in a million different ways, but usually comes with urgency, the need to repent (change), and always with God’s grace.

The Big Three

January 18, 2021 with Christian Dashiell Psalm 92, Deuteronomy 9:4-21, Luke 4:1-13

Advent Week 4

We usually read the Christmas story from Luke which includes a whole cast of characters - shepherds, and angels. Matthew just includes three - Mary, Jesus, and Joseph.

Advent Week 3

Watch our Facebook live worship broadcast. Sermon: Magnificent Mary – Luke 1:46-55, Isaiah 61:1-4,10-11 What’s your favorite Christmas movie? There are so many!  Who has seen The Santa Clause (1998)?  One of my favorite things about this movie is that the title is a pun.  The Santa Clause with a “e” is the statement that ...

Advent Week 2

How are you clearing the way for Jesus?