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Lifted Up

In the text from Mark, Jesus lifts up Peter’s mother-in-law, and we are reminded that Jesus will be lifted up, too. We’re two months away from Easter, but it’s never too soon or too late to be reminded of our resurrection hope in Jesus.

I Want to Break Free

https://www.facebook.com/upcsterling/videos/427583364963451 Read Mark 1:21-28 The title of today’s sermon is “I Want to Break Free.” It’s the title of a song by the band Queen.  They wrote this song because they felt constrained by the world’s norms and expectations.[1]  The song came to mind as I was pondering today’s scripture. I heard it this week ...

Drop Everything!

The call to follow Jesus can happen in a million different ways, but usually comes with urgency, the need to repent (change), and always with God’s grace.

Advent Week 2

How are you clearing the way for Jesus?